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A Bnos Yaakov Girl for Life

High school is a fouryear experience — but the commitment to Torah and love of learning that Bnos Yaakov instills in its students are certain to last a lifetime. As our graduates venture out into the world, as they embrace its opportunities for growth and confront its many complex challenges, they will draw on the rich Torah resources they acquired during their time here. And in their future roles as wives, mothers and dynamic participants in Jewish communities, they will be guided and inspired by the yiras Shomayim, simchas hachaim, and ahavas Yisroel that permeated every lesson, activity and personal interaction throughout their high school years. 

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Limudei Kodesh Curriculum

Our Limudei Kodesh curriculum is designed to illuminate Torah’s timeless beauty and its relevance to every aspect of the girls’ daily lives. Students are inspired to carry on their rich mesorah with pride. Through text-based, open class discussions and creative independent work, students are trained in rigorous thought and analysis. Refinement of midos and character development are strongly emphasized, as is in-depth understanding of how mitzvah performance strengthens a Yid’s connection to the Ribbono Shel Olam. Working in partnership with the girls’ families, we strive to inculcate sensitivity towards tznius in dress and deportment and to provide halachic and hashkafic tools for living Torah lives in an increasingly materialistic and technologically driven world. 

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General Studies Curriculum

In a warm and nurturing environment that values individual effort and achievement as much as academic excellence, Bnos Yaakov challenges students to think critically, explore, take risks and exceed their own expectations. Our enriched General Studies program emphasizes the development of fundamental academic skills, complementing stimulating classroom instruction with innovative hands-on projects and activities that encourage curricular integration and life application. A variety of innovative methods - including dynamic lectures, collaborative learning, Q&A (inquiry-based learning) and interdisciplinary instruction - ensure that students acquire core understanding of the subject matter and the problem solving and critical thinking skills they will utilize throughout their lives.